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DataForce in 2021: A Year of Growth

A Year of Growth
January 27, 2022

2021 may have been DataForce's best year yet!

As we enter 2022, we look back at how this company served as a vehicle to enable, enrich, and empower AI models.

From developing resources used in the fight against COVID-19, to creating high-quality training data utilized in autonomous driving vehicles, to attending in-person events for the first time in over a year—the list goes on.

Now, we reflect on this record-breaking year and all the good it has done for the world through the transformation of AI—ensuring biases are eliminated and good data is always top of mind. Here’s an overview of our most successful year yet.

What We Did

In March, we worked with MIT to help identify misinformation through AI. We helped them organize and classify a large volume of raw, unedited data to support the development of their fact-checking tool that can identify altered text, determine its correctness quickly, and rewrite the correct information.

In May, we acquired Skilltelligence, a market research company with extensive data collection experience. This acquisition further expanded our community management expertise and cutting-edge data collection technology.

How We Improved

As a company that continuously strives to enhance our technology offerings, we introduced numerous improvements to ensure our community can upload their data with ease. Here’s what we were able to automate and streamline for maximum efficiency:

  • Image Collection & Segmentation: Released new productivity features to increase our data collection, labeling, and segmentation capabilities
  • Data Collection by Geolocation: Updated our DataForce Contribute app to make tasks available to the community based on specific location
  • Project Recruitment Integration: Enhanced our capabilities to recruit specific demographics faster
  • Machine Translation Automation: Automated translation through our machine translation engine

How We Helped

We helped enrich AI models with diverse data sets, with more than 20 use cases across numerous industries. For example, we helped an autonomous driving manufacturer turn raw, unstructured data into high-quality machine learning training data. Our team labeled and annotated 18,000 assets within four weeks and with only five days’ notice.

We helped another automotive manufacturer conduct a well-designed user study to evaluate the performance of their voice interaction system. We managed the entire study, maintained a continuous flow of participants, and ensured the study was completed on time and within budget.

Additionally, we worked with a waste management company to annotate key items in their waste streams. In a matter of days, our annotators labeled this data at over 90% accuracy.

Where We Went

Our team was thrilled to go back to in-person events after over a year of isolation.

We went to the AI and Big Data Expo in Amsterdam, where we hosted a keynote session called Enough with the Big Data, Let’s Talk Good Data. This session focused on how to develop reliable AI products and processes.

We also attended the AI Summit in New York City. There, we held a panel session about understanding algorithmic biases in AI. This session was called Operationalizing AI in Healthcare – Bringing Analytics and AI Into the Clinical Setting.

Where We (Virtually) Went

Did you attend any of our DataForce Live events? We launched these in 2021 in an effort to push the industry forward through engaging conversations.

One of our sessions, The AI Revolution in Customer Care, featured IBM’s Rachel Liddell. We discussed how science fiction scenarios are becoming more of a reality in every industry thanks to speech-to-text, natural language processing (NLP), and text-to-speech systems.

Another DataForce Live session, Making an Impact: Using Natural Language Processing to Transform Healthcare, was an open discussion about unlocking the potential of NLP in precision medicine and drug discovery.

In a third session called Accelerating Drug Discovery with Computer Vision, we discussed the increase in demand and overall need for more robust workflows in healthcare.

Then, of course, there was TransPerfect’s GlobalLink NEXT. This annual invitation-only conference unites engineers, training staff, client support teams, and executives, along with fellow GlobalLink users from around the globe. We hosted two sessions.

One discussed how innovations in AI are accelerating the automotive industry. The other included industry powerhouses who discussed the transformative potential that AI brings to healthcare.

Where We’re Going

In 2022, DataForce will continue to uphold the same steadfast commitment to data quality over quantity, ensuring the result is GOOD data.

Using our community of 1.3 million contributors, DataForce has processed over 6 million tasks through 16 million terabytes of data from more than 175 countries in nearly 250 languages.

2021 was a record-breaking year for DataForce, with 90% growth in revenue. We are committed to upholding even higher standards in 2022.

To work with DataForce in the new year, contact us today.