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Chatbot Localization Services

Create chatbots that sound human and are culturally appropriate

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How It Works

DataForce provides highly skilled crafters of chatbot language that get right down to the nitty-gritty of replicating how humans really speak and write, dealing with slang, errors, typos, goofs, emoticons, and more.

Chatbots are the digital democratizer of our day. A chatbot is an interactive dialog between a user and a computer system that allows each to talk with the other in a natural, contextual way to assist with a user’s question or request.

Chatbot localization is about sending the right message, to the right consumer, at the right time, and in the right place. Localization utilizes real-time data about individual markets and regional native languages to create hyper-specific content or offers that feel unique.

Most bots today have been built and designed for specific markets, like the US or China, leading to the exclusion of audiences who don’t speak the predominant language in those regions. When customers get support in their native language, it doesn’t just increase the likelihood of a one-time purchase; it leads to higher client satisfaction and the potential for a lifetime customer.

DataForce supports collection of chatbot training data, annotation of unstructured data to create a robust high-quality training data set, and translation, providing industry expertise and support in more than 250 languages. DataForce has experienced linguists that help localize an organization’s chatbot by providing intent recognition, classification, variation, and multilingual chatbot testing for better customer service and market penetration.


How DataForce Helps Teach a Chatbot a New Language.

Enabling a chatbot or a virtual assistant to interact in a new language is less complex once it is built for any language.

  • Intent Market Research
  • Localizing Prompts
  • Editing Prompts
  • Editing Answers
  • Quality Analysis

Success Stories.

We've partnered with thousands of companies around the world. View a selection of our customer stories below to learn more about how DataForce has helped clients excel in the global marketplace.

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Onboard 0-1000 annotators within weeks of project kickoff, leveraging a global community of over 1.3 million contributors


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