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Empower your computer vision model and automate your image-based data labeling. DataForce’s image annotation services will meet your project’s needs, including bounding boxes, semantic segmentation, instance segmentation, polygons, image classification, and more. 

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Image-level Annotation

Add any metadata to an image as a whole, including image classification/labeling, image captioning, and any other attribute required.

X-Ray and AI

Object-level Annotation

Bounding Box

The standard in image annotation using precise bounding box annotation allows you to train your AI model to detect all sorts of objects in images for any desired application: autonomous driving, image scanning models, and more!

Object-level Annotation


Does your image present complex structures? Not to worry, polygon annotation enables you to accurately draw around every corner of the desired object. Irregular shapes are no longer an issue.

Polygon Annotation
Semantic & instance segmentation

Object-level Annotation

Semantic & instance segmentation

This is an automated tool that will speed up your workflows when aspects need to be annotated using pixel wise segmentation. You may adjust pixel size according to the objects you need enhanced. The DataForce platform can also distinguish between different instances of the same object type.

Object-level Annotation


Also known as keypoint annotation, this feature helps you annotate structural points of interest in your video. It is commonly used in face recognition moels to detect movement, expression, and even emotion.

Face Landmarks

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Integrate directly with the DataForce annotation platform, yours or a third party of your preference

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