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Image Annotation

Medical Image Collection & Annotation

Detection & Diagnosis of Various Skin Conditions

The Problem

A well-funded healthcare startup based in Dallas, Texas, approached DataForce during the launch of their mobile application that specializes in the detection and diagnosis of skin conditions. In order to train the new algorithm, the healthcare startup needed thousands of skin condition images of varying types to bring this product to market.

• • • •The Solution• • • •

DataForce attained over 20,000 unique images, labeling the images by skin type/ethnicity, size, duration, and type. DataForce tapped into its global database of over 1 million annotators to collect 5,000 unique participant data sets and annotate the data accurately. None of the images were taken from the web—only authentic medical images were accepted. To be precise, DataForce engaged medical subject matter experts to analyze both the severity and stage of the condition pictured in the data set before returning the data

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DataForce has a global community of over 1,000,000 members from around the globe and linguistic experts in over 250 languages. DataForce is its own platform but can also use client or third-party tools. This way, your data is always under control.

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