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Ethical AI Services

Make ethical AI systematic and establish guardrails around your data with a human touch

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Ethical AI & DataForce

Ethical AI is crucial for society as it ensures that artificial intelligence systems are developed and used fairly and responsibly. It helps mitigate potential risks such as bias, discrimination, and privacy violations, which can have significant negative impacts on individuals and communities.

DataForce has a talent pool of 1.3 million data contributors who are vetted for subject matter expertise and technical proficiency and selected with cultural, educational, and regional diversity in mind. This way, our customers can ensure that their data is evaluated from various perspectives to help their AI models augment true and global human intelligence.

How It Works

Project definition and consultation:

Leverage our global consultants and SMEs across six continents to map out ethical considerations for your application and unearth potential gaps.

Data Collection:

Utilize our DataForce Contribute mobile application to collect data for video, audio, image, speech, and text to ensure datasets are balanced and reflective of cultural and regional preferences.

Data Annotation:

Leverage 100% human judgments and technology to label at scale, allowing teams to test and iterate faster.

Data Management:

Leverage 100% human QA checks based on task type and expertise needed to spot inconsistencies and mitigate bias.

The Four Pillars of Ethical AI

The Four Pillars of Ethical AI

AI systems should operate with clear and understandable processes, ensuring users can grasp how decisions are reached.


Respect for user privacy is paramount, with AI systems abstaining from collecting or using personal data without consent. Proper data anonymization, security measures, and compliance with data protection laws are essential.


Bias avoidance is crucial to ensure AI treats everyone equally and bases decisions on factual data rather than subjective biases.


Developers and users of AI systems should be held accountable for their actions, promoting responsible AI development and use.

The Four Pillars of Ethical AI

Ethical AI Services

  • Localization
  • Bias Detection and Mitigation
  • Data Cleansing
  • Adversarial Testing
  • Content Moderation
  • Prompt Writing & Re-writing
  • Data Collection
  • Data Annotation
Impact Sourcing

Impact Sourcing

Create a global or local workforce that reflects all corners of the world by embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion. DataForce prioritizes fair payment, ensuring that employees are compensated equitably for their contributions. Moreover, job opportunities are actively being created for individuals from lower-income regions.

A Community Built Through Strategic Recruitment

A Community Built Through Strategic Recruitment
Digital and Social Media Marketing Government Employment Offices Job Fairs and Community Events Job Boards Employment Sites 140+ Local Offices Referrals and Rewards 5,000 University & College Partnerships Organic Content and Mentions & Features
50 Person
Sourcing Team
  • Staffing & Training
  • Language Production
  • Information Management
  • Quality Control measures

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