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The Challenge

Our client, a multinational technology company, needed a partner to support their growth initiatives for their proprietary geolocation and search engine platform within eight locales—the United States (en), Canada (en), the United Kingdom (en), Australia (en), Japan (jp), Spain (es), France (fr), and Germany (de). To build a global community of data raters, the company turned to DataForce for its breadth of sourcing capabilities. The biggest challenge was ensuring that results were accurate, meaningful, and relevant to search queries to create top suggestions within a user’s results.

• • • •The Solution• • • •

Working with our client on specifications, the DataForce Community Sourcing team leveraged a community of more than 1.3 million contributors, utilizing various outreach methods to develop the desired group of raters. DataForce engaged current Community members while also exploring job boards, social media platforms, community ambassadors, universities, and other organizations to recruit a team of raters qualified on the customer requirements.

These applicants were screened on several levels, including language knowledge, cultural awareness, and location while also applying fraud prevention processes to ensure only valid applicants by confirming their IP address, resume authentication and face-to-face interviews. The eligible applicants took an entrance exam based on extensive and detailed guidelines applicable to our client’s needs and were then provided various support materials, including rating guidelines, orientation materials and webinars, a practice simulator, and live Q&A webinar sessions. During the application process, there was a constant line of communication with the applicants through various channels. Once eligible applicants passed the exam, they were onboarded and started in live production.

The raters were trained based on task-specific guidelines and were provided pinpointed feedback on any failed tasks to help ensure and improve accuracy. Tasks included news topics, image search accuracy, offensive content, search queries, and more. The raters assessed the query and its search results by identifying the actual query intent and evaluating the search results in terms of accuracy, relevance, and date.

Through their training, the raters helped our client achieve accuracy and improved positioning with results relevant to users’ queries. Due to the success of finding and training raters that met the project’s requirements, we surpassed the original scope for the eight locales, and our client agreed to increased contributor pools.

Global Data Rater

DataForce has a global community of over 1,000,000 members from around the globe and linguistic experts in over 250 languages. DataForce is its own platform but can also use client or third-party tools. This way, your data is always under control.

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