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Multi-City Temperature-Based Driver Safety User Study


The Problem

Our client, a multinational technology company, approached DataForce in search of a partner to conduct a research study on delivery service driver safety.

The research took place in Seattle and Dallas and focused on ensuring driver safety in varying temperatures while operating an electric van. During the study, the DataForce team recorded van functionality through both moderated digital surveys and videos, monitoring van temperature every 30 minutes. Van functionalities included deliveries to urban and rural areas with varying cargo in the back of the van.

• • • •The Solution• • • •

Working with our client, we identified drivers in both regions to take part in the study.

Separately from overall driver experience, we also measured external vehicle conditions, comparing them to internal conditions to gauge AC levels in the van, and temperature of the driver’s seat and package storage area in the back of the van to ensure they did not reach unsafe levels.

By taking a collaborative approach, our client was able to gain much-needed insight into both internal vehicle temperature and external vehicle conditions across multiple cities, improving driver safety and van usability through regional data collection.


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