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User Studies

User Study


The Problem

A leading automotive manufacturer wanted to evaluate the performance of their voice interaction system and the overall driver experience and preference when using voice or haptic controls. To gather reliable and actionable data, they had to run a well-designed user study. Ultimately, the results of this study will enable them to adapt their human-machine interaction technologies and provide ever-improving user experiences.

• • • •The Solution• • • •

Using our internal talent database, we carefully screened and selected study participants by making sure they had a valid car license and no history of DUIs. This study was primarily run in the US, so when recruiting we had to take into account variables such as language, education, ethnicity, gender, and age balance.

Working closely with our client, we focused not just on recruiting the right participants, but also on managing the whole user study. Our team made sure that there was a continuous flow of participants, ensuring that the study was completed on time and within the original budget.

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