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Search Relevance

DataForce helps client increase website conversions by 20 percent

The Problem

Competition is intense in the world of online retail. In order to efficiently target areas for continuously improving their systems, companies need to know how their platforms are performing. This means having detailed information on what kind of experience their customers are getting when searching for various items. Why do they view or not view recommended products? What could cause them to leave? Our client, a major e-commerce company, tasked its R&D team with working on a proof of concept that would allow them to leverage user feedback to improve the quality of search results and recommendations.

• • • •The Solution• • • •

  • DataForce provided a search relevance rating environment.
  • A team of French annotators analyzed user queries and assessed the relevance of the corresponding search results for the French market.
  • The client received detailed feedback about any aspect of the process that were unclear.
  • DataForce expanded the analysis, which provided the client with more details about their customers behavior.
  • Client feedback was used to consistently update and improve the annotation process.
  • DataForce scaled the annotation team to accommodate increased data volumes without extending the project timeline.

The proof of concept was successful, indicating a 20 percent increase in click-through rate, and our client’s R&D team received approval for a larger scale project.

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