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Secure Transcription of Contact Center Data for Speech Analytics


“Verint Da Vinci supports 80 languages and dialects, providing precise transcription services. These accurate transcriptions help organizations bridge the customer engagement capacity gap by leveraging analytics, generating insights, and increasing contact center ROI. Verint benefits from the expertise of the DataForce team of language specialists who help us meticulously feed our transcription models with the necessary data, enabling the superb accuracy that benefits customers.”    
– Elyashiv Kellermann, Senior Director of Strategic Services


The Challenge

Verint is a global leader in customer engagement, providing technology for speech and text analytics in call centers.

Contact center phone conversations provide invaluable data, with a ten-minute conversation racking up more than a thousand spoken words. By successfully transcribing and analyzing these words, organizations can make informed decisions to lower costs, optimize the customer experience, drive sales, and improve compliance. But this wealth of information will remain locked unless you can accurately understand the words being said and what they mean, and have the tools to intelligently analyze this data.

Verint Da Vinci AI and Analytics Powers the Most Accurate Speech Analytics on the Market

The Verint Da Vinci Transcription Engine leverages advanced deep neural network (DNN) models to provide the most accurate and comprehensive transcription available today. This innovative engine is available as part of Verint Speech Analytics and supports more than 80 languages and dialects. To achieve the highest transcription accuracy across all languages and verticals, Verint trains its Da Vinci Transcription Engine with customer data using DataForce services.

• • • • The Solution • • • •

Since contact center data must be handled securely, Verint approached DataForce to inquire about a tailored, onsite solution. Since 2021, DataForce and Verint have completed 30 transcription projects together in diverse locations across Asia, Europe, and the Americas. For each location, DataForce recruited a local team to work onsite for several months. To accomplish this, the transcribers had to be screened and contracted as DataForce employees, which was only possible thanksto our legal presence in 46 countries throughout the world.

A dedicated DataForce project manager trained the team on the various transcription guidelines, providing feedback once the transcription had been kicked off, monitoring progress, and setting up quality assurance processes. Transcriptions were then delivered to Verint on a rolling basis so that some intermediate algorithm tuning could take place in real time.

Following COVID and the inability to work onsite for extended periods, Verint developed a secure transcription solution in the cloud so that some projects could be completed remotely.

The Benefits

Due to our global sourcing capability and presence, DataForce was able to provide a repeatable solution across Verint’s client base and guarantee the same quality of service. No matter which language or location, the same project team was the point of contact for Verint, assuring a seamless operation in the background. Verint has reported multiple times that its speech analytics engine trained on the additional data transcribed by our teams has significantly outperformed its previous versions.

“We value greatly our collaboration with Verint’s team which can serve as a showcase of flexibility and understanding from both sides while we execute these seemingly similar, but in fact very different transcription projects.”
– Dr. Dorota Iskra, Senior Director, AI

Quality of Service

DataForce has a global community of over 1,000,000 members from around the globe and linguistic experts in over 250 languages. DataForce is its own platform but can also use client or third-party tools. This way, your data is always under control.

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